Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Shabdik Bangla Software New Release 4.5


You can download it from here www.iecbd.net. The new introductions are

Revolutionary Single Layer Phonetic Keyboard without any Extra Joiner Key for Typing Conjuncts
Mixed english typing without switching by pressing 0 at the end
Easiest Ever Keyboard Switching Mechanism with
Double Press of Shift
Jump to the Desired Hint using a Single Entry
Numeric Input
Dynamic Configuration Change Options
Most Sophisticated Legacy font to Unicode Auto
Conversion tool

With the support of dictionary based hints, active speller and autocompletion features of shabdik, this relase brings the most convenient bangla interface.


Shabdik is possibly the most over-hyped software to enter the bangla typing software scene. In an effort to cut through the hype surrounding Shabdik, a web site has been set up at shabdik.googlepages.com. This blog has been created to serve as a journal chronicling the updates to that web site.